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The Grinnell Fire Department proudly serves the citizens of Grinnell in addition to 120 square miles of surrounding rural area.

Each year the department responds to an average of 200 emergency calls of reported fires and/or rescue situations.

The department consists of a full-time Chief, four full-time Drivers and 22 Volunteer firefighters. 69% of Grinnell's Firefighters are certified as Firefighter I; 42% are certified as Firefighter II; 12% are certified as Firefighter Instructors; 35% are certified Emergency Medical Technicians.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the fire station has at least one firefighter on-duty. Upon the receipt of an alarm, the on-duty firefighter alerts the rest of the firefighters of the call via pagers. The on-duty firefighter then responds from the station to the emergency scene with the appropriate piece of fire or rescue apparatus. The Volunteer firefighters respond to the scene in their personal vehicles with their firefighting protective equipment. This has allowed the department to average a two minute, 6 second response time within the city limits and an 8 minute, 7 second response time in the rural areas.


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